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Why Brexit is the perfect opportunity for foreign property investors

Brexit is hot on the world’s lips again after a less-than-perfect conclusion reached at Chequers led to a string of cabinet resignations on Monday. The prime minister has resisted pressure and looks to be ploughing on with what some view as a weak stance, but what’s unambiguous is that we will no longer be a member of the European Union by spring. 
As investors ourselves, we see tremendous opportunity for prospective London landlords, particularly those purchasing in foreign currency. A weaker-than-normal pound means that property in the capital has become cheaper for overseas buyers. This, combined with price levels softening anyway in light of weaker demand and higher supply, means there are now some very attractive entry points in the market.
Landlords have felt the pinch since government changes brought about reduced tax relief and stamp duty surcharges, for example, and many have sought to exit the market upon realising their incomes have been diminished, leading to hundreds of alike properties flooding the sales market. If there is one type of buyer who will benefit from acquiring these assets, it is the foreign investor.
Let’s not forget the primary motivations for owning London property – for one, there is the relative stability of Britain’s economy and currency. Though it might not seem it in the midst of Brexit, the UK has continued to enjoy growth and consumer confidence, and this is only forecast to improve in the medium term. Moreover, London property itself is a globally-renowned commodity and there is very little more room for prices to fall if taking into account the market’s long-term demand. In other words, those who invest now can expect to enjoy significant growth in value over the coming years.
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Why Brexit is the perfect opportunity for foreign property investors

by Laurie Mackrell